It's not everyday you see a vintage Corvette. It is even more of an oddity to see a freshly restored 1962 model sporting a brand new set of modern styled race wheels. That's exactly what we have here, and we'll get back to those wheels momentarily. To the untrained eye this is a nicely refinished vintage vette. But the discerning eye pick's up on the four modern exhaust tips peeking out from the rear apron and hear's that it carries the note of something of a current GM LS powerplant. As you delve deeper you start to realize that you are seeing a 1962 Corvette exterior on the chassis and drivetrain of a later model C6 Corvette. And that leads us back to those wheels. As a nod, and necessity, to the newer underpinnings, this owner decided he would also update the wheels to accommodate the additional power and braking system. We think he nailed it by choosing by choosing this great set of new racing specific​ HRE Wheels R101 which are optimized for strength and weight. The gloss charcoal finish makes them the perfect pairing and just subtle enough that they look right at home on the 62'.