Tracking my MP4 12C
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    Tracking my MP4 12C

    Tracking my MP4 12C
    Question. I am going to take my 12C to a local road track for some track time during a NASA race weekend. I'm an experienced driver with the Porsche Club, but am unfamiliar with the 12C for track use. I have purchased extra set of wheels and they already have Michelin Super Sports mounted, not my top choice but will have do. Obviously with speed comes the need to stop the vehicle, so my question is should I replace the stock brake pads with something more aggressive, or are the stock pads adequate for track use? Thanks
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    I have been tracking for 30+ years and instructing for 20. Depending how aggressive you are, will depend on what you want to do with the pads. If this is your first time tracking this car, use common sense.... i.e.. start slowly and build speed throughout the day. I would imagine the stock pads are not meant for racing situations. In my experience, most stock pads will be fine for most novice through intermediate track drivers for HPDE events.
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