2015 McLaren 650S Spider
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    Red face 2015 McLaren 650S Spider

    2015 McLaren 650S Spider
    From the personal collection of our Dealer Principle, Herb Chambers.
    Herb Chambers Lamborghini Boston is pleased to offer this stunning 2015 McLaren 650S Spider Convertible.
    With only 1,150 miles from new, and offered in the finest condition. Very highly optioned with an original MSRP of $339,075.
    Optioning includes:
    - Contrast Stitching on Dashboard
    - Carbon Fiber Interior Upgrade
    - Carbon Fiber Sill Panels
    - Carbon Fiber Side Panels
    - Elite Paint Finish - Tarocco Orange
    - Electric & Heated Memory Seats
    - Super-Lightweight Forged Wheels - Silver Finish
    - Iris Upgrade with Satelitte Navigation & Meridian Surround Sound System
    - Vehicle Lifter
    - Parking Sensors (Front & Rear) with Rear Camera
    - Sport Exhaust
    - Alloy Oil and Header Tank Caps
    - Custom Zoned Interior (Two-Tone: McLaren Orange & Carbon Black)
    - Carbon Ceramic Brakes - Black Calipers
    - Stealth Pack
    - Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

    please contact me for further details.

    2015 McLaren 650S Spider-2cbe0b8556073bf2c628e09b36ee572ax-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-bd38195408d6ffd209fbb1fe9e550180x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-202416551ed0530bfc756ec16e6af1a8x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-533b48c3974cfe4a42662cbb1a023550x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-375a71c34ebbfb82d1c3db12b28395a9x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-0a981b5a30c70a91e84b18a124ed2bf8x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-0a902bc5c2ed48eeb36b3d9f5ef6d524x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-f6add0ea6e1198fd471e5cf5c085f25ax-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-ca5319ceab7bc30384b773295b96b73fx-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-c7bb3d7c6517fa69790da685a5ab6f91x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-c6cfebbb87c3c71de09a5b1b29c0e113x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-b5e1198f96eeffc48f02d9e50bea6f03x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-a43f8e49d616ee9ab3bb126ee03e906dx-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-7f0a83325bb0f317923604344e709439x-jpg2015 McLaren 650S Spider-ec813586f5496f1b5497be6ba6356768x-jpg
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    a link to the CarFax. i dont know if that works.
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