Selling my 570GT Novitec HRE
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    Selling my 570GT Novitec HRE

    Selling my 570GT Novitec HRE
    Hey guys so I'm thinking of selling my Mclaren 570GT. The window sticker on this car was $250,000 which is pretty much fully loaded with all the carbon fiber options. Then I added another $40,000 on upgrades. So total spent is $290,000 on this baby. But totally worth it. My asking price is $239,000. I live in the Los Angeles area. The car was originally purchased by me at Mclaren Beverly Hills. If any of u are interested in buying please PM me. The details of the car is as follows:

    2017 Mclaren 570GT with 2500miles.

    The after market upgrades as:

    Mclaren 570GT Upgrades: $35,000 in parts and $5,000 install and paint work
    Total $40,000 in upgrades
    HRE P201 20/21 inch Satin black
    Tires (Pirelli 245/30/20 and 325/25/21)
    Paint 570 logo in white
    Paint GT logo in Red
    Paint Mclaren Logo in White
    Black out blinkers
    Lanini GT1 exhaust system with sport cats down pipes
    BMC air filters
    Fabspeed Tail pipes
    Novitec N-Tronic (Plug and Play CPU tuning) (increase HP to 622HP)
    Novitec lowering kit
    Novitec cf front lip spoiler
    Novitec cf side rear bumper
    Novitec cf rear wing
    Front skid plate
    Titanium super light weight bolts for wheels
    Custom made thick steering wheel with carbon fiber
    Custom made carbon fiber rear view mirror

    Due to the Novitec N-tronic, a plug and play ECU tune, and the Larini exhaust the car is about 645hp from 570hp. Quicker shift, acxel response and way more power.

    I also have all the original parts as well.

    Check out the pictures.


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    Did you sold it? Flawless spec

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