McLaren P1 UK Registry
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    McLaren P1 UK Registry

    McLaren P1 UK Registry
    Being a big P1 enthusiast, I decided to create a P1 registry. If you know of one that's not on the list, please comment a picture of it!

    Registration Plate Colour Chassis Number Extra Information
    P1 OOV Amethyst Black PP3
    RX62 LKV Black XP4?
    RX62 HKP Silver XP2R Nurburgring car
    XP05 MCL Orange XP05 Previously black
    RX62 HKW Volcano Orange XP08 Paris Motorshow 2012 car
    RX62 HKY Silver XP10? Painted sides, silver wheels
    RX62 HKZ Black XP11?
    OO14 JCB Volcano Yellow #014
    P1 XAT Black #016
    V888 WES Dark Blue #017 Blue Carbon
    P1 MRB Volcano Orange #019
    LF63 RUR Volcano Yellow #023
    12 NH Ice Silver #026
    P1 JOY Genesis Blue #046
    MX14 HLY Volcano Yellow #056
    1 WYL Supernova Silver #058 Previously MK63 VXG
    P11 HYR Volcano Orange #059 Satin carbon
    LJ15 ROH Volcano Orange #061 McLaren Orange brake callipers
    3 CRS Volcano Red #063
    LJ14 NMV White #073
    P1 GUO Black #077 Red details from MSO on splitter, door, bonnet inlets, roof, diffuser and spoiler
    LJ14 DAU Volcano Orange #087
    RX14 FZV Volcano Orange #114
    P1 SBF Cerulean Blue #138
    1 PFG Silver #143
    P1 YSA Grey #164
    P1 AFU Volcano Yellow #165
    TRJ 9 Pacific Blue/Cerberus Blue #177, previously LJ64 ADZ
    BX64 MHO Grey #231
    58 TW Amethyst Black #259
    1 GTH Volcano Orange #298
    KS1 Austin Yellow #301
    W8 PUM Volcano Orange #304
    L11 VMW Midnight Blue #340 White stripe on door
    V8 MCL Blue #341 Red details from MSO
    P1 DOC Volcano Yellow #347
    A 11 Musgravite Black #350 Orange details from MSO. Engine bay signed by Frank Stephenson, under bonnet signed by Ron Dennis.
    ME11 ALF Kilo Grey #355
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    McLaren P1 UK Registry-image-jpg
    This one is quite nice, as is the purple one with an Orange stripe that is in Scotland.

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