There are many beautiful places on our planet that everyone dreams of but there are also places that can kill you if you treat them disrespectful and today I will tell you top 5 most Dangerous places on the earth.

1eath Valley USA. This stunning desert holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on our planet 134°F 56.7 Celsius the air temperature during the summer's been as high as 57°C no matter how tough you are the blazing sun in searing heat of Death Valley will make you exhausted very quickly without water you can live here for only 14 hours also there are a lot of dangerous animals as well so never place your hands or feet where you cannot see first rattle snakes scorpions for Black Widow spiders may be sheltered there the extreme heat of Death Valley is killed people in the past it will continue to kill those who
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Top 5 most Dangerous places on earth

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